The Trailer For The Remastered Version Of The Original ‘Modern Warfare’ Is Here To Remind You How Fun Killing Terrorists Is

Back before the Call of Duty franchise featured you killing zombies in the near future with energy guns, I was a big fan of its quasi-reboot in the form of the original Modern Warfare. Just running around shooting the faces off of terrorists and Russian extremists. I kind of forget the story, actually. I know there was something to do with a villain with one-arm and you were a guy named Soap killing people with some higher-up who liked to smoke cigars despite the fact that the entire game involves you not trying to draw attention to yourself. Regardless, Activision is bringing Modern Warfare back with better graphics and a completely remastered gameplay code. Essentially, they’re just making the blood splatter from shooting a terrorist in the top of the head prettier. Which is all I can ask for.