Ricky Gervais Has A Hilarious Story About The Time He Asked David Bowie What His Job Was

Last night news of David Bowie’s death spread shortly after Ricky Gervais walked off stage in Los Angeles after hosting the Golden Globe Awards. The British comedian and creator of The Office long considered David Bowie his hero. In the ’80s, Gervais was even in a New Wave band called Seona Dancing that was heavily influenced by the world’s most iconic prog rocker.

The stars eventually aligned for Gervais and Bowie enjoy a peculiar kind of showbiz friendship. In season two of his mid-00s series Extras (which you should watch on HBO if you haven’t already), Gervais invited Bowie on the show for a guest appearance. The scene is classic — Bowie proceeds to publicly insult the perpetually-miserable Andy Millman after he sells himself out for career success. Bowie’s scene is brutal slap to the face for Millman after toiling in the trenches for years as a struggling extra actor.

Stop whatever you’re doing today and watch it above. Shortly after that scene aired in 2006, Gervais told the BBC about his special friendship with the the self-proclaimed rock god. Listen to that tale below. It’s well worth your time.

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