Rihanna Puts CBS On BLAST For Pulling Her Song From Thursday Night Football

rihanna cbs nfl


Last week, in the midst of all the Ray Rice domestic violence mess the NFL decided that having Rihanna open Thursday Night Football with her song “Run This Town” was a bad idea. Now it appears they’d like a do-over and want to use it this week instead. (Because, you know, they got that whole men hitting women thing settled real nicely and everyone’s forgotten, right?)

She does kind of have a point. All Rihanna did to get her song pulled last week was be the one who GOT punched in the face as opposed to being the one doing the punching – the NFL’s main issue of the week/year.

So far at least one famous person, model Chrissy Teigen, has got Ri-Ri’s back. (I think. So hard to tell if sarcasm is involved on Twitter.)

Rihanna image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock