This ‘Road Rage In Movies’ Supercut Will Drive You Insane In The Express Lane

by 2 years ago

super troopers middle finger
What is it about driving a huge metal killing machine that causes us to lose our cool? You could be the sweetest angel on the block, but once you get in the driver’s seat and grip the wheel, all social etiquette goes out the window with a middle finger salute. Never has this been better captured than with his this supercut of road rage scenes from movies.

No one is immune to road rage. You’ve probably cursed out someone’s church-going grandmother using only the choicest profanity. Maybe you’ve seen this video of an old dude in flip flops trying to take down a biker or this video of a guy who persuades a road rage idiot to put down his knife so he can beat the snot out of him and think that’ll never happen to me?

It doesn’t matter how expensive the car is, people will destroy it once their temper peaces out. Nine times out of 10, you’re getting instant karma for your crazed behavior and possibly a knockout.

The cars of the future shouldn’t have sensors to avoid accidents or automatic braking or bluetooth and Wifi, they should have road rage meters that can pick up on your hostility and pump in some relaxing scents and maybe some reassuring audio from soothing female celebrities. Like Waze only it directs you into a sedate state.

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