ProTip: If You’re Going To Road Rage On Someone Don’t Let Them Knock You The F Out

by 5 years ago
road rage knockout


Today’s lesson in road rage comes to us from the land of Panama. Of course I have literally zero background on what happened here, but once you watch it I don’t think you’ll care.

Doing a little speculating based on the title and what I witnessed it appears that someone was not happy with the driving skills of a certain Diablo Rojo driver. A driver who seems to weigh about 50 pounds less than the guy doing the raging. Which is what makes this video all the more special because, BOOM, smaller dude drops big guy with one quick shot to the dome.

I especially enjoyed the little bonus kick and the “come at me, bro” stance he threw in at the end as he hovers over his downed victim.


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