Did You Know That Rob Riggle Spent 23 Years In The Marines, Remaining In The Reserves Even After He Got Famous?

Rob Riggle is one funny ma’fucka. We know this from his roles in landmark comedies like Step Brothers, The Hangover, and 21 Jump Street. “If you don’t change your face, I’m going to change it for you” is a line that I will still laugh at when I’m 80.

One thing you may not know about the 46-year-old comedian is that he spent 23 years serving our country–nine years active duty in the Marines and 14 in the Reserves. Wiggle climbed to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and served in Liberia, Kosovo, Albania, and Afghanistan.

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In an interview with Marine Mag, the official magazine of the USMC, Riggle opened up about what he enjoyed most about being a Marine.

One – I earned the title Marine, no one gave it to me. I’ll be proud of that as long as I’m alive. Two – Marines are loyal to each other. I like loyalty. Three – Marine Corps history and tradition is something to be proud of, and I’ve been part of that history for the last 19 years. And four – honor, courage and commitment. Those words really do mean something.

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When asked about what the most rewarding aspect about being a Marine, Riggle proudly answered:

Many rewarding experiences… Leading Marines, educating Marines, serving my country, working on the “Bucket Brigades” at ground zero immediately following the 9/11 attacks, helping evacuate and secure the embassy in Liberia, helping the refugees in Albania, restoring and enforcing peace in Kosovo and liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban rule.

The days following 9/11, Riggle spent six 12-hour days removing the rubble piles at Ground Zero by hand before volunteering to go back on active duty. Less than two months later, he was serving in Afghanistan.


What a bro. In a world where it seems celebrities manufacture good deeds in a shameless attempt to build their brands, it’s tough to argue that Rob risking his life overseas and remaining on the Marine Reserve list even after he became famous is anything less than honorable to the highest degree.

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