Watch Robert Downey, Jr. And Jimmy Fallon Film Hilarious Local Promos

Robert Downey, Jr. made another stop on the late night circuit last night dropping by The Tonight Show and while there he and Jimmy Fallon shot some local promo commercials that can only be described as hysterical. Fallon should really do this with every guest every night.

Downey also did a skit in which he and Fallon had an “Intense Staredown” wearing wigs and robes on a mountaintop as they pondered the mysteries of the universe including everything from world peace to Domino’s stuffed crust pizza.

And Downey also actually did an interview as well where he talked about producing the film The Judge (his real reason for the visit) with his wife and discussed the fact that he’s soon to have a daughter, saying she’ll “probably be an actress, that’s a stable career.”