A Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal Interview Went Off The Rails, Got NSFW And It Was Awesome

YouTube - FOX 5 DC

Want to know how funny this interview with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, which is supposed to be about their movie Life, gets? Gyllenhaal appears to be tearing up he’s laughing so hard at how silly and profane things get. (Mostly due to Ryan Reynolds, natch. Still waiting for you to reply to Morena Baccarin’s epic troll job, by the way, Ryan!)

Reynolds and Gyllenhaal were clearly getting more than a little bit loopy from doing interviews eventually getting to the point in this one where they’re laughing about the fact that each chair has a sticker with their name on it.

However, the interview was already well off track by that point as Reynolds scolds Gyllenhaal a few minutes into it, “Hey, fuckers, let’s get it together or let’s get out of fuck town.”

We don’t learn a whole lot about their film Life, but it’s far more entertaining than your usual sit-down with a couple of actors.

Best of all, that wasn’t the only interview Reynolds did over the past few days that crashed and burned. He and Gyllenhaal also pretty much lost it with Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV as well when things devolved into a discussion about Fraggle Rock.

And then last Thursday Reynolds was on Good Morning America where he discussed what it’s like to fly with kids, something many of us can relate to very easily.

“I would rather drink a piping hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children,” said Reynolds.

Of course, he is pretty much king of the dad jokes on Twitter already so that take should come as little surprise…

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