Samuel L. Jackson Just Confirmed The Prince Vs. Charlie Murphy Basketball Story From ‘Chappelle’s Show’

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It’s been almost a month since Prince’s passing, and with it we’ve received so many stories out of celebrities reminiscing about the renowned music icon that there’s almost too many to count – Prince teaching Snoop Dogg about threesomes, Tracy Morgan talking about the time he got kicked out of Prince’s house, how Prince beat the shit out of Jimmy Fallon at ping pong – they’re all too good not to share.

There is one story, however, that everyone and their mothers should know, and that’s the Charlie Murphy vs. Prince basketball tale that was depicted on Chappelle’s Show. You can watch the sketch above, however if you know it as well as we do you won’t need a refresher – but is the story fake or true? Is Charlie Murphy lying, or did Prince really school him and his friends at basketball while wearing a blouse?

If you were to ask Samuel L. Jackson, he’d confirm that story is true:

Then again, can we really take Jackson’s word for it? For all we know he could be lying just to fuck with everyone…but then again, it is Samuel L. Jackson – the guy fought snakes on a plane and lost his arm in a freak dinosaur accident. If that’s not someone worthy of your trust (and for no reason other than the fact that he’s a total badass), then who is?

[H/T Uproxx]

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