Samuel L. Jackson Narrates A Profanity-Filled ‘Game Of Thrones’ Beginner’s Guide And This Is F’n Perfect

I suppose I should get the obligatory ‘SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!‘ warning out of the way, but I’m hoping you bros would’ve recognized that this entire clip of Samuel L. Jackson narrating a beginner’s guide to Game of Thrones would be full of spoilers, because by its very nature the clip is designed to bring you up to speed. Only it’s so much more than that, because Samuel L. Jackson is F*****G PERFECT for this video, and the only thing about this that bothers me is that the video didn’t come out sooner. And I don’t meant to imply that Samuel L. Jackson was born with the sole purpose of growing up famous and one day narrating a Beginner’s Guide to HBO’s Game of Thrones, but I also believe that there’s probably not another person on the planet who could’ve done better with this narration than Samuel L. Jackson.

Bran? Bran trippin’. Yes, you’re right, that’s a very astute observation Mr. Jackson, Bran ALWAYS BE TRIPPIN’ and he’s singlehandedly fucking up the Game of Thrones for a lot of people even if…..SPOILER ALERT…..he might be the key to everything within the Game of Thrones world. For real though, bros, this Bran Stark-Game of Thrones theory is like unplugging from The Matrix, so click that link and read that theory if you want to have your mutha fuckin’ mind blown. Also, I’d like to send a big shout out to my friends over at Tastefully Offensive for finding this clip, because it’s FANFUCKINGTASTIC.

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