Sensitive Idiots Caused ‘Man vs. Food’ Host Adam Richman’s New Travel Channel Show To Get Canceled

Okay, if we’re being technical, it was probably more Richman’s response to the aforementioned sensitive idiots that actually caused him to lose his show.

This all started when Richman posted this pic on Instagram of his recent weight loss –

Seems harmless enough, yeah? Fat dude loses weight after he stops eating 5-pound strombolis and 93-ounce burgers, and now he can fit into his pants. It’s the American dream. But not everyone saw this post as harmless.

Apparently the hashtag “thinspiration” is used on social media to denote images that promote eating disorders. This was news to me, and I guess it was news to Richman as well. Suddenly, Richman was hit with an onslaught of overly sensitive fats and fat-sympathizers who called him out over his use of the hashtag. “My bad, I didn’t know,” was basically his response, but the crowds were not satisfied, and continued to berate him.

People just look for any excuse to get outraged these days. You’re really gonna get worked up over a cable-TV food host using a hashtag about being thin? If you have enough time to care about stuff like this, but not enough time to put down the burrito and hit the gym, I seriously need to question your priorities. Stop being outraged at others for giving you body image problems, and be outraged at yourself for being a fat pig. If you’re okay with being a big fat slob, great, own it, but don’t get all pissed off because someone online unintentionally made you feel bad about yourself.

Since I share in Richman’s outrage, I don’t blame him for getting a tad worked up, but he might’ve taken it a bit too far. He responded to the haters with lines such as, “DILLIGAF” (Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck), “eat a bag of shit, dummy,” and “Seriously – grab a razor blade & draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.”

His new show, Man Finds Food, was supposed to premiere tomorrow, but after all this nonsense, Travel Channel actually bent to the whim of these idiots and pulled the show, giving no explanation about why, or if/when it would get a new premiere date. I’m sure Richman will be a little bit smarter about how he engages with people online in the future, but it really kills me that we’re rewarding these fake outrage assholes. As a show of solidarity, I’m hashtagging all future Instagram photos with #thinspiration, believe that.

Some other screenshots of his pissy convos are below for your perusal.

[H/T Jezebel]