Guess Which Hollywood Stoners Have Smoked Weed With Seth Rogen

In a possible homage to Lindsay Lohan’s bang list, Seth Rogen on Watch What Happens Live spilled the beans on his Hollywood stoner friends, and who has and hasn’t toked with him. Snoop Dogg is a solid yes as is Paul Rudd, but James Franco, who played a drug dealer in Pineapple Express and carries with him a look of perpetual hazy confusion, is a stunning no. Franco may be the world’s most surprising non-smoker.

As for Rogen’s This is the End co-star Emma Watson: While Andy Levy is normally an adept interviewer, he really dropped the ball here, not asking Seth if Watson made his list. We will never know if Hermoine has uttered the words “Accio Bong.”

Rogen and Dave Franco also answered a few questions from this audience. This particular interaction is a highlight: Rogen is quizzed about Kanye’s reaction to that “Bound 3” video, and shockingly, West can sometimes take a joke.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]