Shia LaBeouf’s Latest ‘Art Project’ Involves A Very Slight Chance Of Seeing Him Get Murdered

shia labeouf takemeanywhere hitchhiking

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Shia LaBeouf is an odd duck, this we know. With “art projects” ranging from him riding in a elevator for 24 hours to taking phone calls from strangers dude always comes up with the strangest ideas.

Of course, that’s when he isn’t completely wasted or dropping a nonsensical freestyle rap on us.

So really, this latest “art project” LaBeouf has come up with seems like a perfect fit for him.

You see, Shia, along with his pals Rönkkö and Turner, are hitchhiking around America as a part of his new project #TAKEMEANYWHERE.

For 30 days the three of them are posting their coordinates and anyone who finds them can pick them up and drive them anywhere they want.

That would be the part that involves there being a slight chance of LeBeouf being killed.

You can track the three of them using the #TAKEMEANYWHERE web site, where as you will see, they haven’t managed to travel very far yet.

Here’s video of one of the people who managed to track down the trio and take them for a little ride.

As for whether he is worried about his safety, naturally LaBeouf has very little in the way of concern…

Denver native Brandon Glanton, one of the people who had lunch with Shia during his journey said, according to People, “He kept referring to himself as a mirror,” he explained. “He was saying that if he’s a mirror that puts out good, then good will reflect back to him.”

Daniel Rachlitz, another man who attended the lunch also reported that when asked about running into danger while on this journey LaBeouf replied, “I just don’t think that’s going to happen.”

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?


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