Why ‘Rainbow Six: Siege Day’ Is The Biggest Event Of The Year For Gamers Who Love To Squad Up

The best accomplishments are the ones that take teamwork, in video games and life. Is there anything more fun than grabbing a controller with your buddies, skillfully button-mashing your way to gamer glory as a squad?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is slated for a release on December 1st, which marks the franchise’s debut on next-gen consoles. Rainbow Six Siege is a game changer for anyone who loves to squad up with their friends for a tactical shooter/strategy game. Together gamers compete as operators on a five-person Rainbow counter-terrorist unit. Unlike other blast-’em and shoot’em FPS games, operators are given unique roles for the team, which means mission success is a combination of teamwork and strategy. I.E.: One operator has to dismantle a bomb while others breach and infiltrate a terrorist stronghold, with each person in a critical defensive role. Gamers can choose from 20 unique Operators in Siege, each with their own special skills to master. It’s team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.

If all this sounds epic, clear your calendar on Monday, November 23rd. That’s Siege Day, a day where Ubisoft will host a massive live-streaming event on Twitch. All year long Ubisoft has held events around the U.S. where gamers teamed up to play Rainbow Six. Siege Day marks the culmination of these tournaments. In seven hours of live-streamed tournaments from Downtown L.A., teams of five will face-off against each other in Siege. Their objectives as a squad are clear: Attack or defend against each other. One team tries to infiltrate while the other is given orders to fortify.

If you love competitive, multiplayer gaming as a squad, you need to tune in to Ubisoft’s Siege Day livestream on Twitch. There will be some incredible prizes given away that you won’t want to miss, like custom Xbox One consoles, NVIDIA graphics cards, and other huge prizes. A number of popular personalities and surprise celebrity guests will crash the tournament throughout the night.

And to top it all off, it ends with a big charity match. Celebrities will compete in Rainbow Six Siege for a charity of their choice, with the winning team will get $10K donated by Ubisoft on their behalf to that charity. It’s a perfect chance for the Rainbow Six community to give back.

The most elite team on Monday, November 23 will walk away as Siege Day champions. The undercard begins at 2:00pm PST and the Main Event, with surprise announcements, celebrities, special appearances, and giveaways starts at 6:00pm PST.

Mark it, tell your buddies, and get ready to livestream on Twitch. It’s going to be the most exciting multiplayer gaming event of the year.

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