Which ‘Silicon Valley’ Character Are You?

Deep down, I think we all want to be Erlich Bachman. He’s not the brains of the operation, by any means, and sure, his head lives deep in his own ass, but you have to admire how cocksure he is. No one in his Silicon Valley “incubator” respects him, but just like all the kids in his neighborhood, you’re damn sure they all fear him. Because when push comes to shove, Erlich Bachman knows that you never bring piss to a shit fight and you always want a guy like that on your side.

Since the new season of Silicon Valley is almost upon us, we decided to make a quiz to see which character from the show we are. Take our quiz below to see which Silicon Valley character you most resemble. Sadly, I was Richard. I knew not smoking pot would fuck me some day and that day appears to be today.