SNL: What If Black Widow Had Her Own Marvel Comic Book Movie That Was A Rom-Com?

There is definitely a separation between what most men and what most women look for in an entertaining movie. Generally speaking, men would like to see explosions, action and the occasional tittays. Meanwhile, women generally want to see a story of romance where a woman gets swept off her feet, maybe throw in some comedy here and there, and preferably have a handsome leading man. The dilemma for Marvel is how to take their female superheroes and feature them in their own stand-alone movies to appeal to women. Saturday Night Live found a way to create and movie based on Black Widow and make it female-friendly.

Here’s the pitch: What if Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson has everything going right in her life, an internship at a big fashion magazine, a fabtastic apartment in the city, bunch of great friends, BUT she hasn’t found true love. However that changes once she meets a rather charming man from The Avengers: Age of Ultron while she is walking dogs in the park. The super relationship is going perfectly, and she is so smitten that she puts ketchup in her cereal. BW’s BF’s including Thor, Captain America and Nick Fury, aren’t as sold on the budding romance. They prove to be right as things turn sour when Ultron throws a bus into the office building of her job. Love stinks, even for superheroes.