The ‘SNL’ Digital Short on ’90s Alternative Dudes Is Pitch-Perfect

Possible genius Kyle Mooney has delivered a few brilliant digital shorts this season, but last night’s was maybe the Good Neighbor’s best since joining SNL. Mooney plays Chris, a high school class presidential hopeful and “alternative” douchebag. Anyone who attended high school between 1997 and 2008 will recognize his particular archetype immediately: JNCO jeans, chin beard, backwards hat. Possibly blaring some “good-ass” Staind in his Camaro while holding court on his vaguely racist views toward rap. Smoker.

Chris’s campaign video—cut with images from badass police chases—is so poorly made it must’ve taken an incredible amount of time to get right. (And the 1999 iMovie.) It’s brilliant. Gimme more.