SNL Eviscerates Justin Bieber’s Fake Penis And His Calvin Klein Commercial

Saturday Night Live destroyed Bieber for his Calvin Klein ads which there was accusations that he photoshopped his package to make it appear larger. First off they had a girl play Biebs, and personally I felt that Kate McKinnon was a little too manly for the part. McKinnon also played JB in this SNL sketch where he was interviewed by Piers Morgan.

They mocked his overrated basketball skills. They made fun of his false sexuality and the photoshopped dick claims by having him point to his tighty whities and saying, “My peepee’s in there.” They ridiculed his faux toughness by having him say, “This tattoo made me say owie.” It’s just so perfect.”This tattoo made me say owie.” It’s just so perfect of a beating and the juice box gave me so many LoLz.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, McKinnon told her secrets to doing a fantastic Justin Bieber impersonation, which including “Looking like a puppy who just piddled and is sort of sorry about it.”