Here’s The First Trailer For EA’s ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Video Game

Two years ago, Electric Arts and DICE rebooted the old Star Wars: Battlefront video game franchise to a flurry of hype from Star Wars nerds and gamer geeks. That hype didn’t last long, with EA announcing that the series would be an online, multiplayer-only battle royale-esque experience. TBH, the game sucked: It was a Call Of Duty-esque scrum with Star Wars characters, weapons, and vehicles, from X-Wings to Jawa blasters. I paid a sticker price of $60 for the game and never felt more ripped off.

With Battlefront II, EA is giving the franchise another go and hoping to finally meet fan expectations. There are playable characters from all sorts of Star Wars eras and massive space dog fights. There’s also the most important thing: A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN, which the first Battlefront was severely lacking. Woo! Let’s hear it for finally incorporating some damn narrative from a galaxy far, far away into the mix.

Peep the first trailer for Battlefront II above.