Like Star Wars? Like Christmas? Well, This Star Wars-Themed Christmas Light Show Will Blow You Away

When I came across this Star Wars-themed Christmas light show (via my web besties at the Daily Dot), I thought there was no way I would make it through the entire five-minute video.

Absolute agony. Five whole minutes? Guh. So I get where you are at right now, wondering why I shared this with you. BUT, you underestimate how dope the Star Wars score is, and how tricked out this dude’s house is. Just wait until you get to the light saber-style light fight on the roof.

It’s the work of Tom BetGeorge, who lives in Newark, California, and it’s g d amazing. As for the guitars and piano keys, which aren’t exactly Star Wars-esque, it’s because BetGeorge is a music teacher.