Stephen Colbert’s ‘Interview’ With Ryan Lochte Is Questionably More Absurd Than Lochte’s Story Itself

If you had asked me a week ago, I would have told you that it was Ryan Lochte‘s world and we were all just living in it. Now, he has no world. The only world he lives in is a world of hurt. His wallet is at least, since he lost all four major endorsement deals. And, honestly, while this interview is fake and absurd, I think this is all that Lochte deserves at this point. He made up the most bananas lie instead of just saying something normal like, “Jeah, you know, we might have broken a toilet and peed on the side of the building. Whatever.” Saying you got robbed is just asking for fucking trouble. Then the police get involved. Then you lawyers. Then they start looking at the tapes and, suddenly, you’re jeah-ing your way all the way to the bank to close your checking account because all of your sponsors have dropped you like a hot coal.