Mother Of God: ‘Super Troopers 2’ Indiegogo Campaign Ends With An Amazing $4.4 Million Raised

I’m all antsy in my pantsy and I don’t know if it was the syrup on my waffles this morning or the fact that Super Troopers 2 is coming closer to a reality each and every day. The boys at Broken Lizard raised a ridiculous amount of money on Indiegogo, and no they can’t buy the Cleveland Cavaliers with all that money.

The campaign to crowdfund Super Troopers 2 ended on Friday night and the boys from Broken Lizard finished with the second most successful campaign for a movie. In their 30 days they received $4,416,951 for the guarantee of making Super Troopers 2, and no they can’t buy a $4 million car.

From Variety:

The Indiegogo campaign, funded by over 50,000 contributors, ended at midnight Friday with 77% of the $5.7 million record for crowdfunding for a film, set in by the “Veronica Mars” movie on Kickstarter in 2013. It raised 42% more than the $3.1 million for Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here,” which had been the second-largest crowdfunding effort until earlier this month when the Alan Tudyk-Nathan Fillion project “Con Man” raised $3.16 million.

The Super Troopers met their initial goal of $2 million in an amazing 26 hours, which guaranteed that the Fox Searchlight studios would make a sequel to the cult classic.

Now that they have all that extra moolah to ENHANCE the sequel!

So fantastic job chickenfuckers! Hail to thee!

Even though the campaign ended, last we checked, Farva was still locked in the trunk of a car.

If you have five hours to spare you can watch the boys get drunk during their countdown to the end of the campaign.

Pre-production on the film will begin next month.


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