Here’s The Poster For ‘Super Troopers 2′ And Now I’m Jumpin’ Around All Nimbly Bimbly With Excitement

9. Police Station (Super Troopers)

We haven’t really heard any news about Super Troopers for nearly a year after they raised an astounding $4,576,825 in crowdfunded money on Indiegogo.

Thorny, I mean Jay Chandrasekhar, shared the poster on his Twitter. He will star and direct the highly anticipated sequel.

The art is the Cannes poster to sell the film’s international rights.

Kevin Heffernan, Erik Stolhanske, Paul Soter and Steve Lemme of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard will reprise their roles as the syrup-chugging state troopers who love shenanigans. Brian Cox will return as Captain O’Hagan.

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally make this sequel,” said Chandrasekhar. “We plan to deliver big laughs and bigger mustaches.”

I know desperation is a stinky cologne, but I am so desperate to see this movie.