Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran And Hozier Hid In A Bathroom When Cops Raided A Mark Ronson Party

Taylor Swift, she’s just like us, folks. When cops invade a party she finds a place to hide so she won’t get busted.

After the Grammys this year, Swift and her buddy Ed Sheeran were attending a party in Mark Ronson’s hotel room when the fuzz decided to break up the festivities. That’s when T-Swizzle grabbed Sheeran and headed for the latrine.

At least that’s the story Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift told BBC Radio 1.

“We were at a party in Mark Ronson’s room, and then the police shut it down,” tells Sheeran.

Swift continued, “It made us feel so cool! We had to hide in a bathroom. I grabbed Ed and I was like, ‘Cops are here, come here, come with me.’ Who would have thought that I was the one who knew how to get going?”

She felt so cool…

As it turned out they weren’t alone in their run for the toilet as once they got in there they noticed a tall guy hiding behind the door. That guy was none other than Hozier.

“Hozier was just standing behind a door and I didn’t realize. I opened it up and he was just behind there, standing there,” recounts Sheeran.

“And he is a tall dude so seeing him stand behind a door is just an odd sight. A lot of weird things happened that night. He didn’t want to get caught either,” added Swift.

See? Just like us.

Swift must have been having a “really good time” at that party because she apparently spent a lot of time petting singer The Weeknd’s head. That’s right.

“I woke up with an email from The Weeknd, and he was like, ‘You told me how beautiful I was for like 15 minutes straight and started to pet my hair.’ It looked really cool that night and I apparently went on and on about it. I was like, ‘You’re so magnificent!'”

Okay, maybe not so much like us.