‘Teen Mom’ Wants To Get Breast Implants And Is Using Crowdfunding To Pay For Them

TMZ is reporting that Mackenzie McKee wants to get breast implants and has enlisted the help from a crowdfunding website to receive donations to pay for her new boobs.

Instead of taking it in the backdoor like other Teen Moms, Mackenzie wants to get her money in a proper manner; begging fans for money. The Teen Mom 3 star started a fundraising page on MyFreeImplants.com. The Kickstarter of boobs claims there are “750+ success stories who have transformed their appearance and confidence with a free breast augmentation!”

Seems legit.

TMZ states that on her “Titstarter” profile page it says:

“McKee is a self-proclaimed fitness nut that feels going under the knife will make her body more proportionate and help her take home gold at fitness and bikini competitions. She’s looking to upgrade to a full C cup.”

Apparently her estranged husband Josh, was not a fan of the plastic tittays, but is now out of her life.


Mackenzie apparently has already selected a plastic surgeon for her enhancement, Dr. Neal Handel from Beverly Hills. I bet he has a lot of experience. The only problem is that she’s a tit bit short of her $5,000 goal, she has only raised $20 thus far. Well maybe she can just get a push-up bra instead.


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