Teen Asks to Be Sent to Prison, Says He’s Tired of Playing Xbox Over House Arrest

From Betabeat:

After 10 months on house arrest, a 19-year-old New Zealander has requested to serve the rest of his 11-month sentence in prison, as he’s grown “sick of playing Xbox.”

The New Zealand Herald reports that the unnamed man called up the local police station, told them he had “run out of Xbox games to play,” and would rather spend the final month of his sentence in a dark cell with other smelly dudes than shoot another stupid animated zombie.


So maybe New Zealand's penal system is known for treating their prisoners decently well.

And maybe the other inmates aren't as rape-y as the United States'.

And maybe one month of free room and board seemed attractive for a 19-year-old.

And maybe this 19-year-old has some mental issues that would drive him to make such a strange and rash decision.

But… But, dude. Have you not played Bioshock: Infinite yet?

You're not done with your Xbox yet, bro.