Terry Crews’ New Old Spice Commercial That Will Air During The Super Bowl Is The Most Bizarre Yet

Terry Crews
via Esquire

Old Spice has cornered the market on bizarre but effective commercials. Their new commercial involving Terry Crews might be the oddest yet. And that’s saying something because he’s done some odd commercials.

Where to begin with this Terry Crews commercial called “Nightmare Face”? Well there’s old man Terry Crews, young Terry in red boy shorts, then the Old Spice spokesman is in drag, Mortal Kombat-type shaving moves, body mutilation, sitcom punchlines, exploding people and a house that looks like the one I grew up in. It’s beyond bizarre.

Terry Crews In ‘Nightmare Face’

I just don’t know what Old Spice wants me to do here. I’m honestly scared.

[H/T: Esquire]