‘The Expendables 3’ Just Leaked Online And Over 100,000 Copies Have Been Downloaded Already

I’m more into horror movies, but the allure of getting to watch a perfect copy of a film that hasn’t hit theaters yet is a pretty big draw for me to watch The Expendables 3, a movie I couldn’t give two shits about. Clearly other people feel the same way.

“Around twelve hours ago, a near perfect copy of The Expendables 3 appeared online and it’s already a smash hit with home audiences.

Figures gathered by TorrentFreak reveal that more than 100,000 people have downloaded the presumed ‘DVD screener’ copy using BitTorrent alone, and at one point in excess of 65,000 users were engaged in transfers on a single torrent.”

Via Torrent Freak

You hear that? It’s not a shitty cam copy where you have people in the theater sneezing and doing other annoying crap that makes you remember how cheap of a bastard you are that you couldn’t either wait for the movie to come out on DVD or just shell out the $10 it costs to go see it in theaters. And while we’re not allowed to link to any torrent sites, I’ll just say that Google is your friend in this case.

So go ahead and get your Stallone fix satiated before a billion fake copies of the movie start popping up.