What the Hell Was Up with That Preview for ‘The Leftovers’ on HBO Last Night?

by 4 years ago


Last night at 9 p.m., you settled in to watch an hour of crucifixions and baby murders and the torture of friendly HODOR. Simple Game of Thrones stuff.

But then HBO threw you for a loop, playing this creepy and vague trailer for an upcoming show The Leftovers. Its pedigree is solid—Lost‘s Damon Lindelof will produce and FNL director Peter Berg is directing—but you’d be forgiven for not understanding any of the visuals on display. What was the symbolism of the deer? Who are the cult-like figures dressed in white? There’s a lot of humping. People are missing?

Is it all about the Rapture of Revelation fame? Or… something else?

Here’s what we know: the show is based off an acclaimed 2011 book of the same name, which deals with a mass disappearance (that may or may not be the Biblical Rapture). Justin Theroux leads the cast of suburbanites struggling to deal with the new world, and—as you’d expect—things will get dark.

2% of the world’s population is now gone; what does that mean for everyone who didn’t make the cut?

The show premieres on June 29th. HBO is on a tear lately, this happily strikes a same eerie chord as True Detective, and I’ll naturally be watching.


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