Bautista Will End Up Being A Bigger Movie Star Than The Rock And Here’s Why

In case you missed the news, former WWE star Dave Batista will be playing Mr. Hinx in the next James Bond movie. Batista was already a part of the biggest movie of 2014 in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Batista’s former coworker, and currently biggest celebrity name to go from ‘rasslin to actin’, The Rock, congratulated Dave on Twitter and the two shared a virtual bro hug that could probably cure cancer if scientists were able to bottle it up. But I smell a ton of animosity in that tweet from master thespian Dwayne.

A major movie in 2014 followed by a major movie role in a huge franchise in 2015 is quite the hot streak. Sure, The Rock is on his own hot streak with franchises like The Fast and The Furious and GI Joe and eventually The Expendables 11, but Batista has a distinct advantage over The Rock when it comes to acting. The Rock plays characters. Batista plays things. He played Drax, he’ll play Tong Po in the Kickboxer remake and I can only imagine Mr. Hinx isn’t written with the most complex of dialogue.

Eventually, the movie world will run out of characters that feel like “The Rock” but they’ll never run out of actual moving rocks, antagonists who punch first and talk second, and gallons of body paint for comic book recreations on the big screen.

“Dave, it’s your manager, I’ve got a role here that’s PERFECT for you. It’s a remake of Pearl Harbor and the director is looking for a human to play the atomic bomb. Call me back.” 

H/T  With Spandex