This Woman Tricked Her Boyfriend Into Getting Married, But He Forgave Her When THE ROCK Showed Up To Officiate The Ceremony

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Nick Mundy

Nick Mundy was set to marry the woman of his dreams….just not yet. The wedding is in the books, September 2015, but there’s still so much to do beforehand. Not just with wedding planning but with his career. Nick is the co-star of Nothing To Report on Comedy Central and has several other projects in the works. He’s busy as shit.

His wife, Dilara, figured it would be best to maybe speed the process along. Since she can’t make September come any sooner, she thought “why not just have a ceremony immediately?” Except she wasn’t thinking “run to the courthouse” or “get drunk in Vegas and hit up a drive-thru chapel.”

Much bigger.

“When we got engaged,” Dilara explained, “we joked about turning it into some type of video. We said we should ask The Rock to get involved. We just never imagined he’d be this involved.

Let’s back up a little — it’s not like Dilara and Nick were pulling The Rock out of the sky, planning a fantasy wedding with fake celeb guests. Nick and The Rock actually have a history together. They’re friends. Not exactly “wedding invite” friends but they’d worked and hung out together on several occasions. As luck would have it, they were set to work together again to promote Furious 7.

Dialer used the opportunity to reach out to The Rock’s people to pitch the idea of a shotgun wedding with Dwayne Johnson being the official. It would all be a joke on Nick and not real.

The Rock doesn’t do fake anymore, people. That was in his wrestling days. Now, The Rock is all about reality.

“In the middle of planning the prank,” Nick said, “The Rock put his foot down and said ‘I want to do this for real. No stunts. I want to actually marry them.’”

When The Rock wants something, he’s going to get it. Who’s going to say no to him? But now came the hard part — how do you plan a wedding, get all the important people to show up including family, wedding party, friends and one of the biggest stars on planet Earth without Nick getting some type of clue that something was going on. Simple — you put his focus on a completely different but monumental moment so he didn’t have time to think.

“We were going to film me get a tattoo of RAD USA,” Nick laughed. “I figured ‘why the fuck not?’” With Nick’s attention that afternoon focused on his body getting inked with the image of the People’s Champion, Dilara and her accomplices went into action.

“So I show up at the Ritz Carlton in this ridiculous get-up — I’m wearing a tank top and America pants. Like, American Zubaz pants. And they tell me ‘oh, the tattoo guy bailed, so we’ve got like four hours to come up with a new bit.’ Even The Rock’s manager stepped in, because The Rock was going to be there when it happened, he’s like ‘I’m not sure about this.’ So we scrapped the entire idea. I was ready to go home.”

Not so fast, you roody-poo candy ass. Nick’s co-stars convinced him to shoot a wrap up video in the lobby of the hotel.

“The next thing I know, The Rock walks out of this random door, and he’s like ‘Hey Mundy!’ and I’m like ‘oh, hey dude, what’s up?’ and he laughed and said ‘I got a little surprise for you.’ So right there I’m thinking that either they’ve been screwing with me and I’m going to get a ridiculously elaborate tattoo or a pizza party. I didn’t know. I just knew something was happening.”

The Rock escorted Nick into a side room where the ceremony was being hidden. Mundy explained it took him a minute to figure out what the hell was going on and it wasn’t until he spotted his mom that everything clicked. So what was his reaction?

“I turn to The Rock and go ‘what the shit? what the shit? what the shit?’ His answer was ‘dude, you’re getting married, for real. Today.’”

The Rock and Mundy walked down the aisle, hand in hand, and his wife soon took her walk down the aisle. The ceremony, I’m told, was amazing and the entire experience was pretty fucking surreal.


“I’m waiting to get this tattoo and the next thing I know I’m signing my marriage certificate with The Rock’s name under mine. How did this happen?”

A ceremony followed soon after and so will the real wedding, just for show, in September.

Nick was cool with the entire prank and possibly being the only man married in a pair of America Zubaz pant.

“I was getting tired of saying fiancé anyway.”


Nick Mundy


Nick Mundy

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