This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Surrounding Tyrion Lannister Will BLOW YOUR MIND


We all know the R + L = J theory already about Jon Snow’s lineage (and if you don’t then click here to catch up to the rest of the world), and while that’s the series’ most popular theories, there’s obviously other ones out there. Take my favorite theory, that Stannis Baratheon is a giant praying mantis for example:

Here is a list of generally accepted evidence. More will be added as the case grows stronger.

  • Stannis does not sleep with his wife for fear of sexual cannibalism.
  • Stannis’ daughter Shireen was born in Spring, when insects swarm. Her greyscale would also make an excellent cover story for birth defects caused by the human/mantis DNA incompatibility.
  • Stannis hunts like a mantis. He is most successful at war when he is able to trap and/or ambush his enemy.
  • Stannis has a rough time in the snow. This is likely due to being an insect.

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While fun, Stannis obviously isn’t a giant bug. A lot of the fan theories that are circulating the interwebzz these days are more stupid than amusing, however there’s a few that are worth your attention…one in particular surrounding Tyrion Lannister, which has him as being a “secret Targaryen.”

The theory that King Aerys was Tyrion’s real father goes something like this. Once upon a time, either through coercion, seduction or flat-out rape, Aerys and Joanna Lannister knew one another in the carnal fashion. For this union to result in Tyrion, it would have had to happen during Tywin’s stint as Aerys’ Hand, and thus become a major factor in the deepening bad blood between the two. After his wife became pregnant with the king’s bastard, Tywin, fearing that the child would reveal his being cuckolded by physically taking after the real father, attempted to abort the pregnancy using moon tea, tansy, what have you; some type of contraceptive. This attempt failed to stop the child’s birth, but resulted in his deformity and the death of Joanna. These circumstances were also a major factor in the king choosing Jaime for the kingsguard, Tywin helping to dethrone him, and Tywin’s refusal to name Tyrion heir to Casterly Rock.

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Of course, Tywin could’ve also refused to name Tyrion heir to Casterly rock because, well…he hates him. In a fatherly kind of “you’re an embarrassment to house Lannister you short little fuck” sort of way, of course. If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “that’s so stupid gtfo,” calm your tits for just a second.

We all know what Tyrion Lannister looks like in the show:


Whereas in the books his hair is described as “so blonde it seemed white,” similar to the Targaryens. Of course, that’s not exactly the best proof out there, is it? I could go out and bleach my hair white and consider myself a “secret Targaryen” by those standards. The best support to the theory is what happens to Daenerys while she’s in the House of the Undying in Qarth. While in the show all she sees is Khal Drogo and her son, the books have her seeing Rhaegar Targaryen talking to his wife, Elia Martel.

At the House of the UndyingDaenerys Targaryen sees a man (Rhaegar Targaryen) and overhears him talking to a woman (Elia Martell) nursing a baby. “Aegon… What better name for a king… He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire”; When Rhaegar’s eyes meet Daenerys’s, he says either to her or Elia, “There must be one more… The dragon has three heads”, and he picks up a silver harp and begins to play.[1]

However, neither Daenerys nor Ser Jorah Mormont know what the song of ice and fire means. It is implied that there is a connection between the song, the promise, and Daenerys herself. This is established more clearly when Maester Aemon identifies Daenerys as the “prince” that was promised[2]

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Assuming that Daenerys is one head of the dragon and that Jon Snow is the second, who’s left to be the third? You can scoff and say “Not Tyrion, shut up,” but he’s one of the only other characters that’s had near as many narrative passages within the books as Jon Snow and Daenerys. And besides, it can’t be any of the other Lannisters or Starks since we know they’re 100% born from their parents. Tyrion is the only one who has even a grimace of doubt.

Tyrion = Targaryen?




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