This Bum Whines Himself Out Of $5 From Rapper DMX

Wait, what is happening. This heated sermon between DMX and a grade A street-slumming imbecile, captured outside Haus nightclub in NYC is a disasterpiece. If you’re sucking cigarette stubs, living in a cardboard box soaked through in feral cat piss, you take anything anyone will offer your sorry unwiped swampass. If you cross paths with rapper legend DMX who wants to offer up some advice, you shut up, listen, and potentially ask for an autograph before he goes. You don’t say something along the lines of, ‘gimme 20 bucks or leave it.’

Not only does this fool talk himself out of receiving a five-spot from DMX—granted I’d have expected the rapper to offer up a little more—but he continually interrupts and disrespectfully tells DMX that when the rapper’s down, ‘he has to get back up,’ before openly boasting about being able to speak four languages. It’s funny not once will you catch X reference his successful career as an artist; but it would seem that the rapper’s been keeping himself busy working as a middleman for the big man up above.

At one point X says, ‘God gives me the blessings because I pass ’em on..God can’t fill a full warehouse..God can’t fill a full warehouse.’ What an unsuccessful heart-to-heart, and the homeless dude who claims he can speak four languages clearly never learned what the fuck ‘advice’ means. Also, a parting shoutout to DMX’s posse that lurks around the whole time with an epic collection of pokerfaces.