Faux-Documentary Seeks To Explain What Thor Did With All His Free Time After Being Left Out Of ‘Civil War’

I was big fan of Captain America: Civil War. Like huge fan. And this was for a multitude of reasons. It was the payoff for paying to see Marvel movies for last 8 years. It introduced a new Spiderman. It saw two former allies become enemies without making either of them the villain. I mean, really, the only problem I had with it was that it didn’t include Thor and Hulk. Well, that and the fact that Scarlett Johansson didn’t show a little skin, but it was still a PG-13. From a story standpoint, however, it makes sense why Thor and Hulk sat this round out. Both of them are MIA at the moment and film took place over the course of like four days so by the time either Tony Stark or Captain America got to one of them, the fighting would have been over. Honestly, though, I’m into this explanation that Thor actually just got left out. Thor’s so powerful that recruiting him would have been like bringing a grenade to a fistfight. Sure, Cap and Iron Man were at odds, but they didn’t want to kill each other. Except at the end of the film. Also, spoilers.