Thor’s Response To Being Left Out Of ‘Civil War’ Is Almost As Legendary As He Is

thor chris hemsworth civil war response


Someone brought up a very interesting question regarding the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Why isn’t Thor in it? Hell, for the matter, why isn’t The Hulk in it either?

I mean, really, who thought it would be a good idea to leave this comedy duo out of the mix anyway?

thor hulk gif


Thankfully we have none other than Thor himself (aka Chris Hemsworth) to give us a little perspective.

As he puts it in the video below, while working out, natch, why is the argument even between being Team Iron Man and Team Cap when he and Hulk are the two biggest, strongest Avengers?

“Is this just one for the kids, where the kids just have a scrap and run?” he ponders, adding, “It’s pathetic.”

With an obvious nod to his upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok Hemsworth, I mean Thor, wants everyone to let him know when the rest of The Avengers are “done messing around and the big boys can step in.” (Hulk is supposed to actually appear in that film.)

Naturally, just to show how much more superior he is he catches a flying Mjolnir then resumes one-armed pull-ups as a reminder that he’s the real badass of the bunch.


Also, in case you missed it, Marvel apparently didn’t realize they left a spoiler in one of their Captain America: Civil War trailers…