Dear Mental Health Professionals, It Appears Tila Tequila Needs Urgent Psychological Help

This goes out to the mental health professionals out there; Tila Tequila is in desperate need of psychological help. The washed up former reality personality has gone off the rails and needs urgent care. Tila went on a tweetstorm about Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, Christina Grimmie, angels, aliens, minorities and Farrah Abraham.

When we last checked in with Tila Tequila she was parading her love and admiration for Adolf Hitler and using the N-word.

Over the last 24 hours Tila Tequila’s Twitter has been a whirlwind of hate, racism, bewilderment and embarrassment.

She proclaimed that she received power from the deaths of celebrities.

Many believed Tila was speaking of the tragic and premature death of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie, but she was oblivious.

But of course she commented on the situation never-the-less.

There was bigotry galore.

There was extraordinarily peculiar political commentary.

There was support for Donald Trump.

There was love for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

There was unusual observations.

There were bizarre religious tweets.

There was deep self introspection.

Not sure that you should be proud of this belief.

There was only one Joseph Stalin.

Speaking of Stalin and World War II, that gigantic conflict that took the lives of over 60 million people never happened.

I’m no doctor, but I don’t think that’s possible.

Eventually, Tila became self-aware of her nonsense.

One might say too much tweeting.

For the love of god yes, please stop tweeting!

Trolling is fun. What Tila Tequila is doing is beyond trolling. It’s not cheeky or a clever ruse. It comes across as severe mental illness. Plus she has two young children. This is actually so very sad. Get help Tila, for yourself and your children.

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