You Have To Hear These Jokes From T.J. Miller That Were Too Dirty For ‘Deadpool’

‘Deadpool’ is the first movie I don’t want released in theaters–for a while at least. Its marketing campaign is just that good. Can we just toss Ryan Reynolds a Deadpool supersuit and a couple million every few months to drag this whole filthy, pleasantly insane rodeo out a bit?

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In this interview T.J. Miller sits down with what looks like a half-drunk bottle of Stoli in front of him, to shine light on the jokes that were so dark we won’t be able to enjoy them till the special features DVD comes out. Fuck that, is right. How do you dig deeper into the humorous abyss of the sick and twisted than, “you look like Freddy Kreuger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah”? Apparently if you’re T.J. Miller the self-proclaimed master of improvised one-liner disasters you rap off hellfire like:

“You look like a truck shit on your shoulders and then shaped ears into it.”

Actually ow. Or:

“It’s like somebody pulled your balls up through your mouth and then wrapped them around your head.”

Fact is anyone who enjoys laughing at anyone’s expense would be hard-pressed to find a more applaudably comedic mastermind. Miller is the Sith Lord of perverse entertainment.