First Trailer For Key & Peele’s ‘John Wick’ Inspired New Movie ‘Keanu’

The first official trailer for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s comedy movie Keanu has arrived and it is pretty damn incredible.

From first impressions from the red band trailer, the movie appears to be a spoof of John Wick, but instead of Keanu Reeves there is Key & Peele, and instead of a dog there is an adorable kitten, who is of course named “Keanu.”

The Comedy Central movie co-stars Will Forte, Method Man, Luis Guzman, Gabrielle Union and Jason Mitchell.

Key and Peele are Clarence and Rell. After getting dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Peele’s character attempts to deal with his heartbreak by adopting an adorable kitten who he names “Keanu.”

When Rell’s apartment is broken into and lil Keanu is stolen, their lives are turned upside down. In an attempt to rescue the cuddly kitten, they find out that the cat was stolen by a feared gangster.

The two hatch a plan to pretend to be dangerous drug dealers in order to rescue the catnapped Keanu. That starts a whirlwind of shootouts, murder, minivans and a whole lot of George Michael.

Keanu roars into theaters on April 29.

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