Travis Scott Bought An Insane $1 Million Jacob & Co. Watch That’s ‘Driven By The Celestial Vault’

If you had a couple million dollars to blow on a big ticket item, what would you buy? Real estate? A couple new Boston Whalers? A fleet of BMWs? Screw that — A Lamborghini Huracán?

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boy toy, apparently had some money to blow. So he spent seven figures on some wrist candy by Jacob the Jeweler. According to his Instagram and Snapchat, Scott is the proud owner of a new Jacob & Co rose gold diamond Baguette timepiece  timepiece from the Astronomia series, inspired by “a sailor heading toward the seas driven by the celestial vault.”

Total price tag for all that bling? $1,015,000.

I think I’ll stick with a good Swiss field watch.

Pics + video below:

The Internet, of course, has mad jokes:

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