This Emo Love Letter Tupac Wrote To His High School Sweetheart Is On Sale For An INSANE Amount

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Tupac Shakur Performance At The Palladium NYC

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Tupac had the longest middle finger in the history of man.

Tupac may also have the longest legacy in the history of rap, as his death 20 years ago has only amplified his persona, seemingly impacting and inspiring generations of artists and poets who attempt to capture the essence of those timeless angsty raps about violence, racism, and other societal issues.

But who was arguably the the greatest rapper of all-time before he was the greatest rapper of all-time? Before selling over 100 million albums and being widely regarded as the voice of a generation, Tupac Shakur was an emotional kid chasing teenage love, just like you and I!

A love letter dated November 22, 1988 from Tupac to a high school classmate has recently been put up for sale by a woman Tupac met in drama class after he moved to California from Baltimore. The anonymous woman, who he calls “Beethoven” for her piano skills, remembers her high school classmate as “a born performer” who was “charismatic and full of life.”

The woman claims Tupac was a standout in drama class, and that his unparalleled understanding of Shakespeare allowed the class to decipher the complicated language using the gift of Tupac’s contemporary voice. The origin of their relationship was rooted in the fact that they were both outsiders–Tupac wore Adidas sweatsuits and rocked a high top fade that was dyed blonde on the top before it became cool and she was one of the only white girls in her grade.

‘Beethoven’ kept the letter for over 30 years and it is now on sale for a whopping $35,000.

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