Watch Tyler, The Creator Fan Eat Vomit Chunks Off A Dirty Towel For $30 Then Blow Chunks Everywhere



If you have a queasy stomach you should NOT watch this video. Because if you hit play on that video you might end up blowing chunks onto your smartphone or computer, or whatever it is that you’re watching this video on. But now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me set the scene for you… There’s a towel on Tyler, the Creator‘s stage that is covered in vomit. Instead of having his staff clean up that vomit-covered towel like any sane (rich) person would do, Tyler the Creator asks the crowd “who will come on stage and lick up the vomit all over this towel?” Then, instead of fans pelting Tyler with beer bottles for trying to put them in harm’s way, and get them to lick up chunky vomit off the towel on the stage, one fan actually gets on that stage, accepts the $30, and eats that chunky vomit off the towel.

Here’s the video (and GIF afterwards, if you’re not grossed out enough):

Aaaaaaand that GIF I promised you:

Sorry if you’re a little queased out right now, bros. I told you what you were going to see and you still chose to click and watch anyways. I gave you ever opportunity possible to avoid watching this, yet you watched it anyways. You’re sick, bro.

Big shout out to Trent @ BarstoolSports for finding and sharing this disgusting puke video that will haunt my dreams for the rest of the week.