This UK Lyricist May Have Just Taken The Title Of ‘Fastest Rapper’ Away From Eminem

When it comes to rappers who can rhyme at lightspeed, Eminem currently holds the title of “Fastest Rapper.” However, Em might have his crown ripped off his head by a rapper from the United Kingdom.

The current Guinness World Record for fastest hit rap song is Slim’s supersonic 2013 hit “Rap God,” which has a blistering 4.31 words per second if you take out the intro.

Rapper Ocean Wisdom blasts out lyrics like a musical machine gun in his debut single “Walkin.” The rapid-fire 3-minute and 47-second joint boasts 932 words. If you take out the intro from the song, Ocean Wisdom spits 4.45 words per second.

Ocean Wisdom’s album “Chaos 93,” which features “Walkin,” is on the music charts in 17 different territories, including No. 10 on the UK iTunes Album charts.

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that we have a new record.

Ocean Wisdom’s management contacted Guinness for verification and are awaiting to be officially recognized as the fastest rapper.

I still contend that this auctioneer is the fastest rapper of them all.