10 Unconventional Ways People Beat Video Games

10. Beating Metal Gear Solid With The Life-Draining Cigarette Permanently Equipped

Smoking is bad for your health, we’re all aware of this, but one of the most amusing self-imposed challenges is to play Metal Gear Solid in its entirety while permanently equipping Snake’s famous life-draining cigarettes. It is quite possible that the game might not allow you to play the full way through with it equipped, but it sure imposes a challenge for the gamer to constantly be on their toes at all times. You’re going to be vulnerable for the vast majority of the game, but especially during boss battles and careful, because in the fourth game, the AI got smart enough to smell your cigarette smoke. Being stealth is the key element to this unconventional way of playing Metal Gear Solid.

9. Fallout: New Vegas Sadistic Modders

Sadistic modders are drawn to Fallout: New Vegas like a cat to a mouse. They want to make the game as difficult and punishable as possible to the point where you almost wish you were trying to survive a real nuclear apocalypse because it’d probably be a lot easier. The game already has ‘Hardcore’ mode, but modders have totally one-upped this to various ‘Realism’ mods such as one shot kills for players and enemies, nutrition managers ensuring you eat enough protein and follow the right sleep pattern – but wait, you can even die or have debilitating side effects IF you eat or drink TOO much. Basically living through one day is cruel and unusual punishment.

8. Beating Four Super Mario Games At One Time With Same Controller

This requires some serious mental concentration to focus on four screens at one time. Keep in mind that the player in the video below used a program to sync the speeds of each game to one another and played it simultaneously on an emulator, rather than some custom console set-up. Seriously your mind is going to be blown as you watch all the characters jump and move at the same time – it’s staggering.

7. Beating Resident Evil With Just A Knife

The original Resident Evil game on the PS1 provided you with an array of guns and first aid sprays, but what happens when you master that inventory in what is relatively a short game? Well you decide to play the entire game through with a just a knife, of course! Slapping away some zombies and most of the necessary enemies is pretty simple, but your challenge comes when the bosses show up. When fighting Yawn, the giant snake, players need to run in a rectangular pattern while slashing to avoid death. Screw up one time and you’re done. Gamers have to be certifiably insane and self-loathing to want to try this.

6. Beating Two-Player Ikaruga Solo

Ikaruga is famously known as an incredibly difficult 2D, two-player scrolling shooter game. But everyone knows that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself – so why not beat the damn thing solo. Who needs a friend or someone handling that other control, when all you need is some hand-eye coordination and an extreme level of concentration.


5. Playing Songs From Memory In Guitar Hero Performance Mode

Playing Performance Mode in Guitar Hero means that you pretty much are asking to fail. Aside from having to know most of the guitar notes from memory, the mode doesn’t even display the fret-board. Now, if you’re absolutely insane, then you’ve attempted to play the hardest song ever, “Through the Fire and the Flames,” by DragonForce on Expert in Performance Mode. The fact that the majority of players can’t seem to come anywhere close to completing it only proves why you’re holding the fake guitar and not on a live stage. As if Guitar Hero wasn’t frustrating enough, you must really enjoy punishing yourself if you’ve ever attempted this.

4. Spending 500 Hours To Get To Level 99 In The First Reactor Of Final Fantasy 7

You need a lot of time and commitment to spend 507 hours and 32 minutes to leave the 1st Reactor in Final Fantasy 7. Many have joked about it, few have bothered trying, but if you’ve got the time and you enjoy repetitious activities that are mind-numbingly boring, then give it a go. The 1st Reactor is the first section of the game where you can fight enemies and save – so if you stay there and continually fight, you can level up, making it so you can beast through every other battle in the game.

3. Sonic 2XL Mod Turns Gold Rings Into Onion Rings To Make Sonic Fat

Ever wondered what Sonic would look like fat? Ever imagined going through an entire game with Sonic not collecting any gold rings? Well, someone did and that’s how the Sonic 2XL mod came about. The hilarious mod turns the gold rings into onion rings, and every time Sonic grabs one, he gains some weight. The more and more fatty, yet delicious onion rings Sonic eats, the fatter he gets – eat too many and Sonic dies from heart failure, seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. Don’t worry though, there is a way for Sonic to burn off all those calories – you have to ensure he runs around a lot. What’s worse, if Tails comes along for the ride and gobbles down some tasty onion rings, Sonic takes the hit and gains weight. It’s basically how a pregnant woman feels.

2. Blind Skull In Halo 2

Skulls are important mainstays in the Halo games, but in Halo 2 the Blind Skull gets rid of your HUD and your arms, so that you have no visual signifier as to what weapon you’re holding. This leaves you with a pretty big problem – not being able to know your weapon at hand and having to find a ridiculous way to identify it. Some ways to go about it are staring at the shadow, rapidly swapping between weapons or just fire the damn thing. If you can play the game on a higher difficulty like this, good for you, but players will mostly want to turn that unidentified weapon right back on themselves and just blow their brains out.

1.Reaching A World Of Warcraft Level Cap Using Only Melee Attacks

Ever tried to play World of Warcraft completely naked, with no guns or armour to help you out? Well, Gutrot of the Aerie Peak decided to try to reach Level 70, which was the level cap at the time, by doing just that. Through sheer perseverance Gutrot amazingly completed the task – and did so by only performing melee attacks. His accomplishment inspired other gamers such as Noor, who famously managed to reach Level 70 by not killing a single enemy. Impressive!


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