12 Deal Breakers That Make A Man Undateable, According To Women



The deal breakers. Oh those pesky deal breakers. Those little things that men and women do that silently make the opposite sex think “oh I could never date this person in a million years.” Those deal breakers make some people, to steal from a popular TV show, undateable.

If you haven’t seen it, Undateable is an NBC comedy about a group of close-knit friends living in Detroit, helping each other figure out their lives. The show centers around mismatched roommates Danny and Justin and their group of oddball and hopeless in love friends who hang out at Justin’s unsuccessful bar. The new season starts March 17th at 9pm on NBC.

Basically, each character on the show is a decent person but they’ve all got one or two little intricacies, ticks or issues that keep them from scoring with the opposite sex.

The worst part about those little things that make a person undateable are that what one person loves loves, another person HATES. Your ex-girlfriend adored your record collection but the next girl thought owning the Saved By The Bell theme on vinyl was super creepy.

There are some deal breakers that most women will agree are really hard to get over. We know because we asked. We talked to countless women about some of the things that make some bros undateable. Here were our 12 favorite answers.

The new season of ‘Undateable’ premieres Tuesday, March 17th at 9pm on NBC.


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