Steve Harvey Called Out Vernon Davis For Being Lame When He Didn’t Give A Sexual Answer On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Back before steve Harvey took over, Family Feud was a mostly wholesome gameshow with a few bloopers here and there. Now, those accidental moments are a key part of the show’s success. They’re built into its D.N.A. From the questions the contestants are asked, to Steve Harvey’s always-befuddled reaction, everything is done for a laugh. It just so happens that one team is going to win some money in the end. But that really doesn’t matter. As long as someone makes a comment about a dick or says something that will make a clip go viral, Family Feud wins.

Well, Vernon Davis wasn’t going to be lured into answering questions provocatively when he was on Celebrity Family Feud last night. When Steve Harvey gave him the bait by asking, “If you’re good at reading body language which part of a woman speaks the loudest?” Davis dropped the most vanilla “this won’t get me in trouble with The League” answer of all time.

And then Harvey let him have it.


To Davis’ credit, though, at least he knew how to properly answer being asked “name something that follows the word ‘strip’.”