7 Video Game Easter Eggs That Will Amaze You

7. Halo 3 – Caveman Family

A group of hairy Neanderthals doesn’t exactly fit into the atmosphere of the Halo environment. But these guys just exist, huddled in an eerie corner – which is quite odd because Halo doesn’t usually deviate from the rich environment created by Bungie. They’re a bit weird looking, but it is apparently Bungie senior employee, Marcus Lehto’s face that’s plastered on the gorilla. Can you imagine how proud he must be?

6. Diablo II – Secret Cow Level

Living in the country with a lot of farms and cows makes you immune to the smell of manure. Aside from that, you develop a liking to those big black and white creatures and hatred towards those who find that cow-tipping is a sport. So the secret cow level in Diablo 2 is pretty much my dream scenario. The game may be chalk-full of fantasy, but there’s nothing more insane than when the player is able to create a portal to the “Moo Moo Farm” where you stumble across gigantic battleaxe-wielding cows. Once the player slays the Cow King, the level cannot be accessed again at the same difficulty.

5. Metal Gear Solid – Psycho Mantis Mind-Reading

The Psycho Mantis boss fight in Metal Gear Solid is renowned for having one of the most innovative player experiences. Psycho Mantis is psychic and when he ‘reads Snake’s mind,’ he’s actually reading the memory card in the PlayStation – which is still pretty creepy.  When he recognizes a game file, he’ll mention it while demonstrating his abilities. Here you are, a special-ops veteran trying to advert nuclear disaster and you have to listen to this screwball.

4. Silent Hill 2 – Dog Ending

The gaming community never expected this completely bizarre situation to happen at the end of Silent Hill 2, where protagonist James Sunderland wanders into the control room and discovers a dog operating the controls. God? I didn’t know you’d have four legs and fur. It’s basically insinuated that the dog, Mira controlled the events of the game. James falls to the ground as Mira licks his face and the dog-themed credits scroll. Being that Silent Hill is such a dark game, having a completely uncanny situation thrown in at the end lands this at No.4 on our list of Easter eggs.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake’s Vampire Dream

Metal Gear Solid is full of tongue-in-cheek references, but in Metal Gear Solid 3, Snake’s Vampire Dream takes the cake for the most ludicrous Easter egg in Metal Gear history. Snake gets kidnapped and put in prison. If you, the player save and quit, when the save is loaded, the player is transported to a completely different environment. The game then totally transforms- the enemies are different, the gameplay, abilities and control scheme – all different and you turn into a maniacal slasher, murdering hordes of zombies. Afterwards, Metal Gear Solid 3 picks back up as if nothing had ever happened. The developers are surely trying to make crazy out of you – but it’s totally fine, because who doesn’t love murdering zombies to their heart’s content?

2. Gears of War 3 – Giant Fire-Breathing Golden Chicken

You don’t have to be a Japanese game developer to come up with some ridiculous Easter eggs. American developers can handle that task too, and they did so very well in Gears of War 3 with the gigantic fire-breathing golden chicken. This would probably fit better into Diablo II alongside our battleaxe-wielding cows – you know, it’s got that whole insane farm animal thing going on – but being that it doesn’t exactly fit into the Gears of War 3 environment, makes it all the more better. If the player shouts into four drainpipes around the level, a ginormous fire-breathing golden chicken emerges from the pipes and starts clucking up the place. Makes complete sense right – when was the last time you saw a fire-breathing chicken, let alone a fire-breathing chicken pop out of a drainpipe.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV – Heart of Liberty City

This has to be the most amazingly and unbelievably ridiculous Easter egg ever. If the player takes a helicopter to the Statue of Happiness in Liberty City, they can walk through a door with plaques that read, “No Hidden Content This Way.” After you climb up a giant ladder through the center of Lady Liberty, the player will find a massive beating heart suspended by chains in a red-tinted chamber. Lady Liberty has a heart? She’s alive? Why is it suspended by chains? Why is it even there? It’s weird, disturbing and insanely confusing – which is what lands it in our No. 1 spot of gaming Easter eggs that will amaze you!