The Guy Responsible for That Viral Mila Kunis Interview Explains Himself

Alright. The guy responsible for that brilliant six minutes is named Chris Stark. Stark explains in the clip above that he went into work on Friday and was immediately told that he had an interview with Kunis in 10 minutes. So he's thrown into a cab, they speed off to the studio, and then, when they arrive, Stark is put in front of the star with no notes. This explains a lot.

When Stark and his boss—BBC Radio's Scott Mills—go through the ups and downs of what happened on Friday, Stark cuts through Mills' ribbing and says that he was just in a straight-up daze. He still can't believe he ended up talking about having pie and going to football matches with the Sexiest Woman Alive. 

Thank God he did. Here's to throwing away the boring questions and mapping out dates with unattainable women. It's the future of interviewing.

[H/T: BBC Radio 1]