Watch The Official Red Band Trailer For Seth Rogen And James Franco’s ‘The Interview’


Sony Pictures

Not going to lie, I’m giddy with excitement about Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy, The Interview. For starters, how can you not love a movie not only exists to make us laugh, but also to troll North Korea’s fancy cheese-eating dictator, Kim Jong-un. Rogen and Franco’s comedy has been called an “act of war” by Jung-Un. In fact, it ticked him off so much that he fired short-range missiles after its first trailer dropped, which revealed a plot where two American TV stars go to North Korea to “take out” the dictator for the CIA.

The red-band trailer for the flick hit the web over the weekend, which means (A. we get our first look at the wonderful Lizzy Caplan as a CIA agent and (B. we get to laugh at James Franco and Seth Rogen being raunchy again. In my opinion, Neighbors was pretty “meh,” so my expectations are off-the-charts on this being the one Rogen comedy I’ll actually laugh at this year. 

The Interview hits theaters on December 25.