This Amazing Tattoo Proves You’ll Never Love A Movie As Much As This Woman Loves ‘Wayne’s World’

Wayne's World Garth and Wayne

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A few weeks back, our parent company instituted a universal chat platform for all employees so instead of employees fucking around on random chat platforms, we could all fuck around on the same chat. It’s been both productive (I can talk to literally anyone at any time) and counterproductive (I talk to anyone, anytime, sometimes all day.)

With the new chat, I’ve been able to bother all of my favorite people over at With Spandex. Especially editor Danielle Matheson, a writer who blends wrestling knowledge, insight and perfectly placed dick jokes into must-read prose. 

This morning, Danielle mentioned how sore her arm was and how it was tingling and I immediately implored her to go to the doctor to get checked for shingles. She remembered I’m an idiot, an idiot no longer checking Twitter, so I didn’t see her sweet new tattoo.

Sweet is an understatement. Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Tattoo time! Excellent. WEEYOO WEEYOO

Wayne's World Tattoo
via Danielle Matheson

Now, I knew she was a Wayne’s World super fan but when a person goes next-level fan like Danielle, I’ve got to ask the significance.

I went to see Wayne’s World in the theatre when I was 7, which is probably way too young, but for all of my dad’s faults, exposing me to cool shit early in life is not one of them. Obviously there were a lot of jokes I didn’t get, but I love it nonetheless. I practically wore out the soundtrack cassette. I definitely wore out the VHS copy we got from a random promotion at a McDonald’s (man, the 90s were wild).

Then I grew  up, got more of the jokes, and then suddenly it’s 23 years later and I realised that there are few things in my life that have had such an impact on the kind of adult I turned into. My sense of humour, my innate love of hair metal, my endless supply of ripped jeans and flannel shirts (though that is also part and parcel of being incredibly Canadian). And hey, what’s more Canadian than getting the most Canadian reference slipped into a movie starring an incredibly Canadian dude?

I worked with Kevin at Victory Tattoos here in Toronto, and we came up with something that combines my love of old school tattoos, a life-long passion for hockey, and my love of comedy that I somehow managed to work into a career. And who doesn’t love donuts? Terrible people, probably. The entire thing is absolutely insane, and I love it with my whole heart.