This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ FAIL Is So Good I’m Choking On Laughter

Wheel of Fortune FAIL


I loves me some Wheel of Fortune and try to catch it any night I’m near a TV when Pat comes on. Unfortunately, 7-8pm is typically when I hit the gym these days so I’ve been missing Wheel of Fortune a lot more often than I’ve seen it. Thankfully for me, we’re living in the age of social media nad I can catch any TV highlights worth seeing on Twitter or YouTube.

Case in point, this chick who can’t spell for shiznit and endured a spectacular FAIL on an episode this week:

The fact that this grown ass woman cannot spell gynecologist is a crying shame and an indictment of the current state of health care in America. It’s that, or this woman never bothered to look at the name plates or diplomas on the wall whenever she visits the Gyno.

Whatever the case may be her spectacular fail was only exacerbated by Pat Sajak hopping in there with his typical ‘yup, you’re a dumbass!’ commentary. It’s hard to say who is more full of himself, Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek. Both have the capacity to become tremendously condescending assholes whenever a contestant makes a mistake. Pat’s contestants on Wheel of Fortune are significantly less intelligent than the contestants on Jeopardy!, so Pat has many more opportunities to take steaming Hot Carl’s all over the contestant’s chests. But when Alex Trebek drops a zinger on Jeopardy! he usually goes for the K.O.

So, like I said before, it’s hard to say which gameshow his is the bigger condescending asshole. If you have strong opinions on this I’d love to hear them, just chirp at me down below in the comments!

(h/t Kyle O. for sending me this Tweet!)

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